‘User Interface’ and/or ‘User Experience’ go hand-in-hand when making decisions on how your User will interact and engage with your printed and digital content. This critical design process should be the first port-of-call for any design project and should definitely not be ignored or underestimated. Getting this process correct will have a direct effect on the success or downfall of your campaign.

Sear Genius will assist you with the User-flow. We will plan the entire ‘journey’ alongside a clear set of objectives, making sure all the webpage furnishings or printed visuals are purposeful and have a positive effect on your User’s experience. This could be based around intuition and/or limiting the steps between viewing a product and successfully checking-out. Another example could be how easily a User can trade in multiple currencies, purchase Cryptos and dispense them into a number of digital wallets. Today’s Users expect aesthetics, function, and speed in equal measure.