• Nottingham Castle Logo / Branding

The Nottingham Castle logo showcases the beauty of simplicity for its effectiveness. Yet, upon closer examination and a free reign of imagination, the design unfolds into a rich tapestry of allegorical layers, revealing its true symbolic and creative prowess.

Immediately, the eye catches the repeated cross shapes cleverly forming the distinctive ‘TT’ characters of the word “Nottingham.” Furthermore, the recognition of arrow slits, once utilised by archers on the castle’s battlement towers, adds a historical depth to the design.

As you delve deeper into the logo, various secondary and tertiary shapes emerge, each conjuring different thoughts and emotions. Crosses, trees representing the forest, and swords come to mind, culminating in a powerful visual narrative.

Upon contemplation, the design gradually reveals the intricate details of a sword, complete with its pommel, grip, and hilt, held firmly by a determined hand ready for battle. Each glance at this remarkable shape unveils more wonderment, leaving one in awe of the designer’s profound ingenuity.

Logo 'TT' symbols repeated in vinyl on the windows
Logo elements inspired by mosaic floor pattern