About Sear Genius

Sear Genius works with businesses of all shapes and sizes, providing them with multifaceted branding expertise; helping to align their marketing efforts, leverage creative resources, differentiate from their competitors and therefore, corner and dominate a specific marketplace.

We work with businesses at various stages of their product/service lifecycle. This could be start-ups looking to establish a distinctive brand and begin trading, SME’s attempting to ‘reinvent’ and refresh their brand or corporations wishing to make radical changes to their brand and all-encompassing marketing efforts – both print and digital.

In order to facilitate such comprehensive branding/marketing assistance, Sear Genius work predominantly in the following creative disciplines:

Branding, Graphic Design, Website Design, UI / UX Design (User Interface / User Experience Design), Multimedia Design, Digital Marketing and CGI (3-D Design).

Sear Genius - Branding - Whitstable Herne Bay

Sear Genius BRANDING

Sear Genius are Branding specialists who provide Graphic/Website/Marketing solutions to businesses in Kent and beyond. Perhaps you are looking for a new, unique and distinctive Brand? Or maybe you require a freshen-up, bringing your identity up-to-date – a Brand revamp? Find out how we can work together to create a powerful and persuasive Brand for your business.

We work with businesses of all sizes within any industry. If you are selling a service then that too should have a strong stand-out Brand, just as you would have if you were launching a new product. Sear Genius values a long-term relationship with its clients, offering Graphic Design, Website Design and other Multimedia services that you can solidly depend on.

We have a reputation and proven track record for getting results but more importantly, we recognise that Sear Genius’ success is built upon yours.


Sear Genius produces high-end creative for a multitude of clients, ranging from small boutiques through to corporates and academies such as Building Societies, Estate Agents, Schools, and Theatres. Proficiency in this area of design is paramount and is the cornerstone to anything meaningful and impactful.

Graphic Design is not just assembling elements on a page, it is rather, an appreciation of positive and negative space, mark-making with intent and conviction, telling a story through media, recognising that the marks ‘not’ made contribute equally to the mood, tone, and narrative – altogether more compelling and persuasive. We help businesses achieve this crucial balance, paving the way for effective communication and engagement with their target audience.


Sear Genius will carefully examine and evaluate your needs, asking, “What does the Website need to do?” A modern-day Website demands substance but vitally it needs to become a useful resource. ‘Useful’ might be a portal of information, an archive of documentation or repository of downloads. Alternatively, the content could provide comedic value or entertainment, making use of a variety of streaming video/audio. Either way, the User should have ‘reason’ to visit but the holy grail arrives when we discover how to bring them back time and time again.

Our team has a wealth of experience in achieving highly functional Websites for our clients. Aesthetics, speed, and responsiveness on multiple devices are nowadays a given. If you alienate your audience through lack of accessibility you will not reap the online rewards you are striving for such as return on investment and profit.

Sear Genius UI / UX DESIGN

‘User Interface’ and/or ‘User Experience’ go hand-in-hand when making decisions on how your User will interact and engage with your printed and digital content. This critical design process should be the first port-of-call for any design project and should definitely not be ignored or underestimated. Getting this process correct will have a direct effect on the success or downfall of your campaign.

Sear Genius will assist you with the User-flow. We will plan the entire ‘journey’ alongside a clear set of objectives, making sure all the webpage furnishings or printed visuals are purposeful and have a positive effect on your User’s experience. This could be based around intuition and/or limiting the steps between viewing a product and successfully checking-out. Another example could be how easily a User can trade in multiple currencies, purchase Cryptos and dispense them into a number of digital wallets. Today’s Users expect aesthetics, function, and speed in equal measure.


This area of design combines ‘any’ media (print or digital) that go together to produce creative of which the totality of its impact far outweighs the sum of its parts.

Sear Genius not only have a creative eye but also a discerning one; the ability to decide which media will lead to the most effective execution. The real skill is being conversant in a range of leading-industry software and applications, seamlessly traversing from one to another. The more tools at our disposal provide greater diversity which in turn promotes unique and original works.


This is a broad term that envelopes a vast spectrum of campaign endeavours. For example, this includes the content on your Website and/or LinkedIn profile through to your Social Media Advertising and Google Adwords Management.

Our knowledgeable team will assist you with any aspect of Digital Marketing. Perhaps your goal is to increase your Instagram Followers? Expose your product/service to as many Facebook Users as possible or create several Landing pages that speak specifically and individually to a carefully segmented E-mail database? Whatever it might be, Sear Genius can help.


Producing work in 3-D literally brings a new dimension to your campaign. This applies to printed material as well as on-screen pieces, although here you have the option and added the advantage of animation and enhanced motion graphics.

Sear Genius employ this discipline wherever there is a creative calling, from logo design through to fully rendered videos incorporating advanced computer-generated imaging techniques, ‘CGI’.

Our portfolio showcases work in a number of sectors, primarily among Architects, Entertainers/Promoters, Product Design, Engineering and more recently, Gaming and Cryptocurrency spaces.